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They are all connected.

And can be improved with intention.

Have you ever been so stressed out you couldn’t sleep? Or so stressed out you only felt like sleeping but woke up feeling unrested?

In both these scenarios the mind isn’t getting to “reboot” overnight. It can’t “shut off.”

And both scenarios are normal protective mechanisms. Your body can go into “fight or flight”, it can shut down & in some cases it can do both.

SELF CARE- on overused phrase, but underutilized action.

There are many “self care” interventions to break this cycle but they will not work without some intentional time using them.

And before I list them, yes...I know some of them seem unworthy of your time. I thought the same thing (as I rolled my eyes) until I started to intentionally use them regularly.


Depending on how your body feels, you might need activity to work through your stressors or stillness to settle them.

Listen to your body-it’s an amazing creation that shows you what to do if you just pause.

  1. Just focus on your breath. Period. Start practicing breathing exercises so you will default to them when needed.

  2. Journal. Sometimes your mind just needs to get the thoughts out so it can rest so write them down.

  3. Move. Your body might need to use up some of that stressful energy so walk, run, hike, dance or unleash it on a punching bag!

  4. Talk. Another way of moving through the stressors is to let others support you by listening.

  5. Prayer. Well no explanation needed here but it can be done concurrently with 1-4.

Intentionally work through your stress & take control of your own health today!

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