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"I enjoyed my time working with Austina! We worked together on improving my diet by incorporating more of a whole food, plant based diet. She was very encouraging and helped me build capacity to continue to explore new things.  I would recommend her coaching for anyone looking to make a positive change in their health." -EM

"I have been feeling utterly burned out at work.  Having Austina to talk about life and work stress has been so great!  I'm grateful for the safe place Austina created for me to learn and practice." -JM


"She has a calming yet confident voice, and her passion to lead others to a holistically healthy lifestyle is contagious.  I would recommend Austina to anyone looking to make positive, healthy changes in their lifestyle!" -TH


"Before I started working with Austina, I had never really succeeded with a diet/workout plan. Austina helped me by showing to me to set 3 short term goals that could be accomplished in a week. One of my favorite parts of working with Austina was how understanding, non-judgemental, and encouraging she is. She was also very resourceful with explanations, videos, and websites that were specific to my diet goals. She’s really good at celebrating the small steps, which pushes her clients towards success. I was able to lose 15lbs. I went from drinking barely 30oz of water a day to drinking over 80oz a day. I feel more confident in my ability to accomplish my fitness goals. I’d recommend Austina to anyone looking for a knowledgeable coach that cares about her client’s fitness as well as overall mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being." 



"Austina helped me get back on track. I’ve been trying to loose weight for a while, but now I’m actually starting to see changes! I feel so much better about myself! She is very encouraging and easy to talk to!" -JB


"Austina helped me determine the goals that I wanted to reach and whenever I was discouraged she always knew exactly what to say to keep me from giving up on myself. She helped me realize how much food impacts the way I feel and now I notice right away when I'm not eating what my body needs. I tried several times before working with Austina to get into shape and failed every time, but with her help and encouragement I'm reaching goals I never thought I would achieve. So far I've lost 25 lbs, 8 total inches, and my cholesterol and blood sugar have both improved." -LP


What was going on in your life before you started working with me, and how have our coaching sessions positively impacted your life and overall wellbeing?

"Single parent raising a 5yr old daughter with terrible eating habits because we were always on the go.  Eating dinner at 8-9pm every night after my daughter went to bed.  Only getting around 6hrs of sleep a night.  Eating habits consisted of eating one meal a day and that was dinner.  Worked out 5 days a week and was simply not eating enough calories.  Austina has given me insight on how bad only eating once a day was, eating it so late at night, and not paying attention to what I was eating.  She taught me the importance of calories and constant healthy calories throughout the day is.  Taught me to eat something in the morning so that I could jump start my metabolism.  Also expressed how important sleep was to everyday life and urged me to try to wind down earlier in the evening so I would fall asleep quicker and get more sleep."


How was your experience of working with me? What did you like most about our coaching relationship?

"I loved how I truly felt important to her.  That my health was priority.  I liked the laid back environment we had our coaching sessions at as well.  She was positive enough for both of us even when there were meetings where I felt I had nothing positive to bring to the table.  Always found something good to say in every meeting we had.  Left each session with a game plan for the following week."

What benefits, results, or achievements did you gain from our coaching together?

"I lost a total of 8lbs.  More importantly I have a game plan to achieve more weight loss thanks to her.  Learned proper diet needed for my lifestyle that will work in the long run."


What new insights and learning have you discovered through this process?

"Thanks to Austina I learned that not every diet works for every person.  She worked really hard at evaluating and understanding my everyday life to create a diet plan that best fits my lifestyle.  She also helped me to appreciate sleep and how important it is.  I have always worked out consistently, but she helped me to figure out what items of food I could eat to fuel me through a workout or through the day so that I could have the energy to get the most out of my workout."

Who would you recommend my coaching to?

Anyone who has struggle with constant yo-yo dieting with no success.  Her in depth evaluation of her clients day to day habits or routine is taken into consideration when helping better not only your diet, but overall life.  If its not something that isn’t sustainable then it will never be obtainable in her opinion.  Long term not short term results is what she is all about. -DF


Austina came into my life at just the right time. I was so overwhelmed and anxious all the time! She has helped me learn to pause and do breathing exercises. She has also helped me live in the moment more than the past or even the future. I am so grateful to have met her. -JK


What was going on in your life before you started working with me, and how have our coaching sessions positively impacted your life and overall well-being?

"I feel like I have been better about meal planning -- and particularly about centering my meal planning around plant-based foods.  I think that talking through some of the issues I was having with making healthy choices really helped me out.  For instance, I went to New Orleans with my husband and I feel like I was able to make better choices than I would have prior to the coaching.  Being accountable to someone was also extremely helpful.  


I think that this process also helped me with regard to stress management.  Prior to working with you, I had planned on competing a triathlon over the summer, which caused me a lot of stress (on top of a full-time job and other obligations).  I decided to forego the triathlon, as so much physical activity wasn't allowing me to do other things that I wanted to do.  I decided to focus on things that I enjoy -- walking, running, and working in my yard."


How was your experience of working with me? What did you like most about our coaching relationship?

"I enjoyed it and found it to be motivational.  I think what I liked the most was how non-judgmental you are in your approach, so I never dreaded our visits.  I enjoyed catching up with you on a regular basis and I always felt positive afterward -- EVEN if I had stumbled or were disappointed in myself.  I felt like it motivated and encouraged me to make better decisions about my health."


What benefits, results, or achievements did you gain from our coaching together?

"Although not a ton, I did lose weight and I have definitely increased my water intake (which were two of my goals prior to coaching).  Although I haven't transitioned to a solely plant-based diet, I definitely eat less meat and vegetables are usually the focus of my meals.  Although I experience stress and anxiety fairly often, I feel like I am in a good place as far as managing my stress."


What new insights and learning have you discovered through this process?


"Making small changes can add up -- I have somewhat of an all-or-nothing personality, so I often feel that if I can't do something all the time, then it's not worth doing at all.  I started looking at each meal, each workout, etc. as an opportunity to make improvements.  And they definitely add up."


Who would you recommend my coaching to? 

"Anyone looking for a way to improve their overall well-being -- and those who might need accountability / motivation.  I would also definitely encourage those who are looking to transition to a plant-based diet, as you are a great resource." -LP


"Hey Austina! Wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the knowledge and support that you’ve shared with me through some very challenging heart health concerns. Health concerns have always been “manageable” until this one. I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do next to work towards a healthier me. Then I read a post on this FB page where you had a similar heart health concern. God just has an amazing way of bringing people into our lives when we need them most, and He shined the light on you.

Working with you has been truly life changing. I feel like I do have some control over my health regardless of my family history and what doctor’s may say. While exercise and daily activity has never been a real challenge for me, a heart healthy diet was not what I was eating. Although, like you, I thought I was eating healthy! The proof was in the blood work prior to the next doctor visit. It’s always good to hear the doc say “keep doing what you’re doing.”

While I’m not out of the woods, I’m on my way and am leaner and more “fit” than I’ve been in years.

Thank you for leading, sharing, helping, and caring through the fears and tears. It’s been an emotional journey. Keep doing what you’re doing!!”-- Lynn Huffman 



Lynn's Story

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are ENDLESSNESS!!! 

Today I want to celebrate Lynn Huffman. Initially she started my program to lower her cholesterol. Like myself years back when I started this journey, Lynn thought she was eating healthy. She worked out and concentrated on her protein intake. As did I, labs/tests indicated the “healthy” way she was eating was actually not so healthy.

With the permission of her cardiologist, she dedicated the next few months of her life learning how to eat for her health as well as ways to have a more balanced lifestyle.

Her lab results, the scale, the way her clothes fit and her energy levels all indicate she has found a lasting lifestyle to continue taking control of her own health! 

BONUS--A little over a week ago she texted me after an eye exam. She explained that during my program her eyesight changed--her vision was blurry with her contacts. “I just quit wearing my contacts and realized I could see better without them...I scheduled an eye appointment to see what was going on.”

Long story short, her eyesight has dramatically improved! The ophthalmologist asked what she was doing. She explained how she changed her lifestyle, eating mostly whole plant-based foods. He explained he’d seen vision improve with diet a couple times before.

In addition to losing almost 15 pounds, lowering her cholesterol, gaining more energy- now Lynn does not need to wear glasses or contacts!!!!

After Lynn told me about her vision, I had to do a little more research. Turns out the SAD (Standard American Diet) increases inflammation everywhere including the eyes. A diet high in veggies/fruits not only protects our vision but may also improve it (more to come on this topic).

The results of a healthy lifestyle are endless and priceless! 

It’s amazing what positive changes can occur when you invest in your own health!


1st Numbers

Cholesterol 415

HDL  62

LDL  310

Triglycerides  216

2nd Numbers

Cholesterol 350

HDL 46

LDL 272

Triglycerides 157

CHOL/HDLC Ratio  7.6

3rd Numbers

Cholesterol 222

HDL  53

LDL  147

Triglycerides  107

CHOL/HDLC Ratio  4.2

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