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About Me

“Health is not only my God given passion, it is my way of life!”


As a certified nurse coach and registered nurse, I found my God given passion in nursing as my second career. I served thirteen years in the military before realizing my true gift-helping others achieve optimal health while supporting them throughout their journey. 


With a nursing background in neurology and oncology, I wanted to know what I could do to decrease the risk of getting the chronic diseases I see so often (heart failure, diabetes, cancer, strokes, heart attacks). After witnessing the devastating effects of these illnesses on patients, and even on my family, I decided to take action. I completed intensive training through the Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program and went on to receive my board certification as a nurse coach.


Because of the suffering I experienced in my own family and the devastating effects of chronic disease on my patients, I have unique insight to help others meet their goals. 


I’ve seen the overwhelmed looks on patient’s faces after a visit with their doctor. The confusion about what to eat, how to help their symptoms, what to do now? They feel overwhelmed and confused...they think they just have to live with their illness...that there is nothing they can do to change it. 


I am here to tell the world you CAN CHANGE. You can take control over your own health. 


I have helped so many achieve their goals of weight loss, lowering their cholesterol, lowering their blood pressure, getting into shape, getting more sleep and having more energy (click here check out my testimonials).  


As a busy mom, wife and infusion nurse, I realize the challenges faced in everyday life and take the complication out of improving health with my individualized coaching program.


Why me?


I care SO much. I did not get the peer selected “Compassion in Action” award in nursing school for nothing. I truly hate to see people and their families suffer, especially because of things they did not realize they have power to change. Not that I need to tell you this, you will feel my passion in our sessions. 


I have been there, done that. I know what it’s like to be classified as unhealthy and feeling terrible. I recognized a need to change and made it happen. 


I am a registered nurse. I have specialized board certified coaching certification. I have guidelines and a scope of practice I am held to. I understand the systems of the body and how they work. I understand the medical side and the holistic side. I know what your future can look like if you don’t stand up for your own health because I see it first hand on a regular basis. 


I live the way I coach. Everyday.



I grew up in Kentucky and that is where I lived until my tall Texan swept me off my feet. We’ve been married for almost 16 years. He enjoys doing all things outdoors with me but some of our favorite times are spent dancing around the kitchen and on our back porch. 


I love nursing and my patients/clients! I worked at Texas Health Resources on a stroke unit for 7 years. I currently work at an oncology clinic. When I’m not caring for those that are sick, I am helping my clients avoid the same outcome. Let’s break the cycle!



Outdoor life and adventure is my favorite pastime. I absolutely love hiking  and backpacking. Getting outside is good for your health inside and outside! I recently started a local hiking group! Let me know if you are interested in joining us!  


 I have a 16 year old son who has a huge heart which makes me so proud. For his graduation, he wants to go skydiving with me! I’m so happy he’s an adventurer too! 

I also love animals, especially dogs-I love my Pepper & Storm so much. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 11.03.55 AM.png


Food is medicine! I love food so much. I grow my own veggies, fruits, sprouts and herbs when possible. I love trying new recipes that are not only colorful but beneficial to my health. I hate the idea of logging every bite so I’ve found a way to stay healthy without all the trouble! I believe it’s so important to love the food you eat and understand how it makes you healthier. 


 I love working out & especially love lifting weights! I love feeling strong and confident. It's so fun to find unique ways to help my clients get movement in that is actually enjoyed!

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