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Work With Me

What does it look like to work with me:


Together we will establish your real “whys”, create detailed & specific goals, plan for barriers, accountability, and create a plan  that is feasible for long-term success. You will have more confidence in making healthy decisions, feel equipped to maintain this best version of yourself, and lasting change to emPOWER yourHEALTH! 


We will create a vision for your future that is so powerful and real that you can see it, feel it, and practically taste it! 


We will create goals that are so inspiring and passionate that they will be the fuel that drives everything you do. We will then get specific and break down those huge goals into small small steps you can make progress towards every single day. 


Because true and lasting change in your health and wellbeing starts from the inside, I am going to help you create a new positive mindset that is so empowering and SO full of possibility that achieving your goals will become inevitable.


Lastly, we’ll make sure that you enjoy every step of the process. We’ll make sure that you are prioritizing so you can enjoy what truly matters in your life such as spending time with your family, hiking, or even running a marathon!

This program has the potential to change your life by lowering your risk for chronic disease and allowing you to use your time and resources on your passions instead of on medications, doctor bills, and hospital bills. 


It’s for committed individuals who are serious about meeting their goals.


We will have scheduled sessions in person or on zoom and use a system with checklists to keep you moving forward and on track with your goals. In between sessions, you will have individualized homework. Our first session includes a complete holistic health assessment. Every session has the potential to change your life if you are ready to make a change. 


You get access to all of my training and you will have 24/7 access to coaching. You will receive individualized recipes and support creating meal plans.


Are you ready to take control of your health and your future? Let’s explore the possibilities. During your free consult call we will explore your goals and envision your future. Don’t put it off another day!


I encourage you to click the button below to book your free consultation today!

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